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    Green Coffee Supreme harnesses the benefits of coffee, in a plant concentrate, and provides proven effectiveness for slimming and beauty. Green Coffee Supreme is made with Svetol® a natural plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee rich in active components. Obtained from unroasted coffee beans of the exotic Robusta variety (Coffea canephora robusta Pierre), Svetol® possesses a unique composition whose effectiveness has been clinically proven in numerous studies. The active ingredients in Green Coffee Supreme are Polyphenols, which are antioxidant molecules, and Chlorogenic Acids. Chlorogenic Acids are a group of beneficial compounds that have been shown in pre-clinical and clinical studies to support healthy blood sugar levels, fat reduction, and healthy BMI. Green Coffee Supreme is third party HPLC tested and verified free of wheat, peanut, soy, shellfish, egg, and milk. It is also verified free of GMOs* * The product statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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    • Green Coffee Supreme is the Highest Quality Green Coffee Bean Extract on Amazon. Promotes healthy weight loss, burns both sugar and fat, and slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream. In a clinical trial with this exact ingredient, participants lost an average of 11 lbs. in 60 days and improved lean mass to fat mass ratio by 4%*
    • Made exclusively from a particular variety of Robusta Bean, Green Coffee Supreme is a green coffee extracted from central and west africa. About 65% of worldwide coffee production and Green Coffee Bean Extracts such as GCA are from the Arabica bean. Robusta contains twice as much Chlorogenic acid as Arabica. The acid is responsible for the bitterness of coffee and gives Robusta its characteristically strong flavor*
    • Featuring 400 mg of clinically-proven Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract in each capsule with a daily serving of 800mg (NEVER diluted with generic Green Coffee extracts). Full 30-Day Supply. 60 Liquid Softgels. Zero Fillers, Zero Binders, and Zero Artificial Ingredients*
    • Green Coffee Supreme with SVETOL® is the only Non-stimulating, Decaffeinated, All natural weight loss supplement clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels and burn fat in numerous clinical studies (GCA has only had 1 clinical study while other Generic brands have 0). Svetol® has a particularly unique composition that guarantees the absence of certain molecules found in coffee which, the scientific world agrees, have potentially harmful effects on health, especially in high doses. For this reason, Svetol® is guaranteed free of cafestol and kahweol*
    • A single serving of Green Coffee Supreme corresponds to the equivalent of 3 to 6 cups of coffee (depending on the quality of the coffee and the method of preparation). However, Chlorogenic acids are not the only active components in Green Coffee Supreme. Unlike the standard GCA Extract, Green Coffee Supreme with Svetol® contains caffeic acid, well known for its anti-oxidant power. Studies carried out by Svetol® have demonstrated the significant anti-oxidant power of caffeic acid, notably by limiting lipid oxidation in the liver*
    Suggested Use

    Suggested Use: As a Dietary Supplement take 1 Liquid Softgel Two (2) times per day with meals.

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